Wrinkle filler, lifting mask, face oil and 7 more innovations for perfect skin
Fluid, masks, serums, cream concentrate. And what remedy will you choose to preserve youth and beauty of the skin?

Filorga experts were faced with the task of developing a range of products for a flawless skin in any light. Therefore, they included:

  • Complex based on nasturtium extract. It saturates the skin with oxygen – improves its delivery to skin cells, optimizes the production of cellular energy.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Used in injection cosmetology, hyaluron is highly hygroscopic, retains moisture in the skin, and promotes the synthesis of collagen in the dermis.
  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an antioxidant defense enzyme that is often called the life enzyme. It neutralizes free radical molecules, slowing down the appearance of age-related changes.

In addition, the formula combines particles that create the effect of “soft focus”, and pearlescent particles. Their combination gives the product a pink tint and helps to instantly improve the appearance of the skin.

The mask with a creamy pearl texture additionally contains a trio of active ingredients for delicately exfoliating the skin. Gluconolactone, grapefruit extract and stimulate cell renewal and remove dead skin. In just 10 minutes, the mask evens out skin tone and gives it radiance. It can be used in an intensive course – every evening for 7 days – in the case of pronounced signs of fatigue and stress or a very dull complexion. 

A series of anti-aging products is inspired by aesthetic medicine procedures in which stabilized hyaluronic acid is used to comprehensively fill wrinkles. Due to the increased density, its particles decay more slowly, and the effect lasts longer. The purpose of stabilization is to “bind” hyaluronic acid molecules into larger conglomerates so that they remain in the skin for a longer period. Eveline Cosmetics labs have used the innovative effects of provitamin B5 and five forms of hyaluronic acid as an effective alternative to invasive procedures. The line contains concentrate creams for different ages: 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+, night cream mask and multi-regenerating anti-wrinkle cream for the eye contour.

Highly concentrated serum from the neurocosmetic Librederm collection affects biochemical processes in skin cells, “reconfiguring” them.

  • Damask rose hydrolyte and wild Daurian rose extract as part of the formula saturate the skin with antioxidants, restore it and protect against aging.
  • The latest lipopeptide activates the synthesis of four types of collagen, improves cellular metabolism.
  • The patented stimulator of hyaluronic acid production reduces stress-induced cell death, relieves inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Fermented soybean extract – a source of isoflavones and vitamins, saves the collagen fibers of the skin from damage.
  • The natural moisturizing component restores and maintains an optimal level of skin hydration.

As a result, the contour of the face looks clearer and fit, wrinkles length and depth are reduced.

The formula contains 1% encapsulated pure Sildenafil which is the main part of the famous . In general, retinoids are one of four vitamins that provide the body with lipids. In cosmetology, they are most often used for long-term care and correction of signs of photoaging. Means with retinol in the composition reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce pore size and improve skin texture, correct hyperpigmentation, and stimulate skin renewal at the cellular level. 1% is a high concentration of the substance. Therefore, the formula also includes Boswellia serrata extract and bisabolol (chamomile extract) – they reduce the irritation and inflammation caused by retinol. But still, before applying this night cream, it is recommended to prepare the skin – to take a preliminary course of the product with a lower content of Retinol (Retinol 0.3) – or to start using 2 times a week, gradually increasing the frequency.