Waxing Phoenix

Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal that has long lasting results. Unlike traditional shaving, waxing does not leave you with unsightly razor bumps or irritation.

Many people may seem intimidated by the thought of getting waxed at first. Thanks to Hollywood films, the waxing experience has always been portrayed as painful and unpleasant! Most of our clients will tell you that whereas getting a Brazilian wax may not be the most comfortable experience ever, any discomfort that is felt happens quickly and disappears just as fast. And in the end, the results achieved with waxing far outweigh the discomfort you may experience during the process.

Facial waxes are quick and painless and the long lasting results will leave your skin smooth to the touch for weeks.

Skin Frenzy will do everything to ensure that your waxing experience is a comfortable one. We offer male and female waxing and use the highest quality products.

If ingrown hairs are an issue, we also carry Tend Skin and Whish products which are available for purchase.

Please refer to our FAQ below. We hope this helps in making a decision if waxing is right for you.

*Hard wax is available upon request. This wax is ideal for sensitive areas such as face or underarms.*

**Please advise specialist if you’re using Retinae or Accutane as certain topicals / medications can thin the skin and result in irritation or tearing when waxed**

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for waxing? Generally anyone can be a good candidate unless you have sensitive skin or are on some form of acne medication such as Accutane or Retinae

Why is Accutane or Retinae topical or oral medication contraindicated? These medications can cause sensitivity as well as thinning of the skin. The area waxed may become vulnerable to tearing and  lead to potential scarring or irritation.

My brows have never been waxed and I’m nervous about making them too thin. Are all shapes the same? Absolutely not. Before any wax is applied, I will usually ask client to explain or get feedback from you to elaborate and describe desired brow shape. A few things to keep in mind if you bring in a magazine of a model or celebrity with the brow shape you want:

  • Do you have the thickness and fullness of brow the model has
  • Has the models brows been touched up or filled with brow color ( usually for a photo shoot it is almost always)
  • Are your brows over tweezed or sparse( Do not set yourself up for unrealistic results) This doesn’t mean that your brows cannot be shaped nicely but wanting thicker brows when there is not enough hair to wax or shape will lead to expectations that cannot be met.

I’ve been letting my brows grow out because the last person that did them made them too thin. What can I do to shape them while they grow? Unfortunately this is an all too common scenario, this is why it’s important to discuss brow shape desired with new clients before beginning wax treatment. I would suggest if you are trying to grow them out, explain to the Esthetician what your ultimate goal is. If needed there are ways to wax around the brows without interrupting the new growth of brow hairs. It will take patience on your part to get the fullness you feel is acceptable.

Do guys get their brows done? No question about it. I have several male clients that expect to have a groomed look without compromising or competing with feminine brows. By this I mean that unless specifically asked for, a man’s brows should not be purposely arched or thinned out to the point of an obvious brow wax. Men’s brows are naturally beautiful and need a little help with grooming. No offense to the wonderful barbers out there but men should not be walking around with bald spots or over trimmed areas due to the whacking of a razor. So to sum it up, yes men do get their brows done.

What is a Brazilian wax and does it hurt? A Brazilian wax is basically the temporary removal of unwanted hair in the female private area. You can opt to have it all removed or leave what we call a landing strip which is approximately a two finger width strip in the center or less. Clients have also expressed liking the shape of a small inverted triangle. Whichever you go with, every measure is taken to create a comfortable environment for you. Disposable under garments are available if needed and every wax implement that comes in contact with the wax and area treated is disposable so everything is sanitary. Gloves are also used so please advise if you have any allergies to Latex. Every person is unique so the discomfort level may vary. Rule of thumb is if the hair is thinner it is less uncomfortable than hair that is course.Small sections can be done to ease you through it.

How long does the hair have to be? At least 1/4 inch or enough to glide the wax over hair so it lies flat. If it is too short then it will not come out evenly. If hair is too long, please be sure to trim before coming in.

Can I bring a friend in with me for moral support? Although I can appreciate the idea of a friend or mate wanting to be there to support you on your decision to discover a new you, It is not as comfortable for me to have someone watching while performing this procedure. There is a waiting area where your guest is more than welcome to be seated.

How often do I need to come back to keep up with the waxing and how long does it last? It really depends on how particular you are about being waxed and how long the regrowth is. It could be  anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks due to every client’s uniqueness and hair growth cycle.

Please remember if you are waxing in preparation for a special day or occasion such as wedding, honeymoon, vacation etc. and it is your first time, be sure to wax at least one month before your special day that way you can have enough time to do a follow up. This ensures you did well with the wax and will not have a reaction.