Eyelash Extensions Phoenix

Eyelash extensions should be as unique as the client who walks through our door. With over 8 years experience of eyelash extensions in Phoenix, we ensure special care is given to your natural eyelashes. Accentuating your eyelashes is as much of a goal as preserving the quality of what you naturally have. There are several lengths and thickness of eyelash extensions. Upon your consultation, the proper lashes will be suggested to be flirtatious or as natural as you want to be!

Not all eyelash extensions are alike so choose your lash artist carefully.

Because each natural lash has its own lash cycle, it is ideal to have your lash touch up every two weeks. This keeps your lashes fuller and prevents extra loss of lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to apply eyelashes? Every client is different. Depending on the natural lashes you have will determine how long it takes.

Does it hurt? No, the process is quite comfortable. Your eyes remain closed from start to finish. Instructions are explained before beginning.

Are they applied to the skin or natural lashes? The lash extension is applied individually to your natural lashes and not the skin. Upon completion of lash extensions, they should feel comfortable with no clumps or trace of adhesive. This is what makes it unique and desirable.

How long do lashes last? Arizona has a very dry climate, which can lead to premature lash loss due to adhesive not drying completely. It would seem to make more sense that it should dry quicker but the adhesive that is made by Xtreme lashes (not sure about all adhesives) calls for a specific humidity level to dry quicker. When making the investment to get lashes done it is important to follow instructions on how to care for them the first 48 hours and possibly 72 hours.  All instructions are provided before you leave and any questions are welcomed. I have been doing lashes for over 8 years now and while it is uncommon for a client to have a reaction to adhesive, there are some that will experience just that. Unfortunately there is no way of isolating which client would have a reaction.

I have had clients maintain they’re lashes for over 6 years so while for some may be a a temporary commitment for others it is a lifestyle. Each client is unique and your lifestyle may determine the longevity of your lashes. After your initial application I always suggest client return after 2 weeks to come in for a fill. A fill is replacing the lashes that have naturally fallen off and new growth has taken place. This will help us, the lash artist, determine the care of lashes and the amount of lash replacement within that two week period. The end result is natural yet beautiful full lashes. Fills are usually every 2-3 weeks.

Is there a risk of reaction to process? Ideally there should not be. Every step is taken to reduce any risk of reaction. Due to allergies and other factors the possibility may exist but not common.

Will the lash extensions damage my own? They will not as long as the proper lash extension is applied. This requires analyzing the length and thickness of your own natural lash. Keep in mind that over the years natural lash loss and length becomes obvious. Lash extensions replenish and accentuate the youth of beautiful lashes with instant results. Keep in mind that a lash serum or fortifier may be suggested if your natural lashes could use the extra TLC.

Are all lash extension products and results the same? Absolutely not. Do your research and choose accordingly.

Clients like to bring in magazines or pictures of their favorite celebrities or compare their lashes to a friend or relative that may have had them done.

Please remember that the individual lashes can only be applied to whatever natural lash you may have. If you have experienced breakage of lashes or have a few natural lashes, I highly recommend using a lash growth serum to encourage new lash growth. Products are available at Skin Frenzy to help optimize your lash experience.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please do not wear mascara or heavy eye makeup prior to your appointment for lashes. This may interfere with adhesive as well as take time away from lash application due to having to properly clean before beginning.

Also if you have an existing set of lashes and have had them done elsewhere Please be sure to mention.