Brow shaping and design is one of Skin Frenzy’s signature services. Your brows say a lot about you and can either compliment facial features or completely change your look. Your brows can make you look surprised, sad, angry, happy… you get the point!

Unfortunately there are too many amateur brow designers out there waiting to get their hands on unsuspecting victims creating an outdated or over tweezed look. Culturally speaking, it is not uncommon to see young girls practicing what they see at home as being normal or just plain curious to see what brow shape they end up with. After all, if you over tweeze or wax , there is the sharpie….gasp! Ladies and gentleman (I know there are daddies out there raising daughters), let’s take an interest in educating our young ladies on the importance of a well groomed brow and having them professionally done.

There is nothing worse than going through junior high and high school with overtweezed, drawn in brows. It creates a stereotype of young ladies and, not too mention, can potentially stunt the growth of the hair creating sparse brows later in life.

Facial features are so unique to each individual. Facial shape, space between the eyes, length and thickness of brows, natural color of brows, brow bone and where brows sit, the age of client ( young adolescent or adult), these are all factors that should be taken into consideration when determining what brow shape to suggest or design for client. Some clients will naturally have sparse or short brows and would like them a little longer while others will want a more defined or darker brows. At this point a good brow pencil, shadow, or temporary tinting  will allow the client to achieve these results.

While your eyes may be the window to your soul, your brows are the soul to your eyes!

Come in and see what a difference brow shaping and design can make. Groomed brows applies to both men and women!