Fabulous! As a lawyer and public speaker, I have to look good all the time. The services at Skin Frenzy have kept me looking both professional and stunning for all occasions. I have received numerous compliments over the years thanks to Liz and the services at Skin Frenzy. I would highly recommend any of the services if you are serious about looking good whether you are a career person, stay at home mom, or student– Skin Frenzy is fabulous!

Pam Archibald, Attorney

I have never felt more beautiful!!! I have been going to Skin Frenzy for over 3 years and Elizabeth has given me the confidence that every woman should feel at any age. I’m 38 years old and I’m told almost daily how young and radiant I look. Thank you Liz!


Liz is amazing!! I have been going to her for almost a year for lash extensions. Whenever I get to visit with my sisters, they compliment me on my lashes and if you have sisters, that means a lot! Liz is very accommodating and always greets you with a warm smile. Highly recommend her.


I am truly addicted to Skin Frenzy’s lash extensions and eyebrow waxes! My lashes are so natural looking to the point where I have complete strangers looking at me telling me how I have amazing eyes. They do not even question whether or not I have lash extensions. I love it! I have seen others with lash extensions and I am not impressed. When it comes to my eyebrows, I normally have to walk people through how to wax and shape them but with Liz, I can actually lay there with no anxiety. I have been a returning customer for the past two years and I never plan to leave! I trust the quality of the product and I couldn’t ask for a more professional and relaxing environment.


I have known Liz for several years. Not only is she an expert in her profession, she is wonderful, wise, and passionate about her work. She has an eye for detail and a steady hand and is also super creative. Not only does she serve her clients, she is active in her community and is well respected. I count it a blessing and a privilege to call her my friend.


Nothing is worse than a man with overgrown eyebrows. Liz has never made my eyebrows feel overly shaped and rather has given me a masculine clean wax that frames my eyes. Extremely thankful to have such a professional work on my eyebrows.


I am absolutely thrilled with my eyelash extensions. I am a health care professional and my time is limited. Not having to put on mascara in the morning and not having to worry later in the day about smudging is awesome. It was actually hard to believe I didn’t have to use mascara anymore! I love my new eye lashes!

Nancy White, NP