Custom Blended Makeup Phoenix

custom blended makeup phoenix


Mineral Powder Makeup $45
Liquid Makeup $55

What better way to compliment and sustain the results of your facials and home care products than wearing customized mineral powder makeup made especially for you! As a skincare professional, it is my responsibility and privilege to endorse makeup that not only allows the skin to breathe but also creates a natural barrier against free radicals without clogging the pores. The best part is that it is made specifically for you!

There are many mineral powder pre-packaged products available but having a customized product made especially for your skin makes the hassle of mixing different products a thing of the past.

What are the benefits you ask? Well here are a few to encourage you to try Skin Frenzy’s custom blended makeup.

Talc Free – which means no “ash” traces that makes skin look dry and aging

Micronized Mineral Powder – which are non irritating and natural, this means no chemicals or irritation. Plus it’s non-comedogenic  so it does not clog the pores!

No oils

Free From Dye’s and Fragrances

The option of having light, medium, or extra coverage.

If you’re still having trouble finding the right makeup, maybe it’s time to customize it.