While massage definitely has established a reputation as a luxurious and special occasion treat for people who indulge in pampering, studies now show that massage therapy has a wide variety of  health benefits.

The benefits of massage therapy go far beyond that of feelings of relaxation and wellness that most people recognize after a massage. Massage is now included as one of the American Pain Society’s recommendations for treating lower back pain, according to their guidelines published in a study done in 2007. Massage can also be used to boost your immune system and regulate blood pressure, according to recent studies,

Massage can be an extremely powerful tool to help overcome tensed muscles as well as help you to shake off the stress of a long day or work week, or muscle pain in general.

Beyond the benefits of massage to your physical body, many people enjoy the caring and pampering effects of a massage. Not only will you leave our office with relaxed muscles, we hope that you’ll also leave with a relaxed state of mind and a sense of overall well being.

SWEDISH MASSAGE Swedish Massage uses light to medium pressure using rhythmic techniques such as effleurage strokes and kneading to reduce tension of muscles.. This massage is sure to relax and alleviate muscular strain. Combat the stress of life with an invigorating yet therapeutic massage to get you through the week.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Deep Tissue requires active and passive motion while the pressure applied can cause some discomfort due to sore muscles on targeted, stressed out areas of the body. This massage is sure to address those problematic areas that may be causing pain or lack of muscle flexibility. Take some time honor your body’s call for TLC.

HOT STONE MASSAGE Hot Stone Massage utilizes heated stones which are gently applied to the spine to help relax the muscles. The rounded stones are then used as an extension of the therapist’s hands with effleurage movements and desired pressure. This massage is sure to take you to a Zen like state of mind.

BODY SCRUB Awaken your olfactory senses by exfoliating and softening your skin with one of our signature body scrubs. Choose from Chocolate strawberry, Mojito, or Citrus Scent. Not only will your skin feel soft and smooth but your body will enjoy the pampering and hydration.