Choosing the Right Lash Specialist

Lash extensions have gained impressive popularity but how do you decide which lash specialist to go to and is there any validity to the controversial cons of having the lash extensions applied? I’ve been applying lash extensions for over 8 years now and have tried several products. Being trained by Xtreme Lashes, I feel confident having the necessary skills to provide a sanitary environment to minimize  cross contamination. Disposable eye pads, cleansing of the lashes, sanitizing hands, sanitized utensils , etc. What you’re never really prepared for though is the possibility of client having a reaction to adhesive. This is why I wanted to have this topic as one of my key points to discuss. I remember the first client who reacts reaction, it was disheartening because she really loved them and wanted to desperately find a solution. I have learned over the years that not everyone is a good candidate for lash extensions. I have several clients that have had their lash extensions over 7 years and continue to love how they look and make them feel.

Here are some key points to remember before selecting a lash extension expert:

04_eyelash_extensions_phx1. How long has the individual been applying them? We know that in Arizona, you must be licensed by the State Board of Cosmetology or have some sort of medical licensing to apply.

2. Have they been properly trained? So this could be a loaded question but do your due diligence and see that there are before and after pictures that are their own personal work.

3. Ah! Now we get into the adhesive info. Yes, there are several adhesives on the market. I personally don’t believe that all adhesives are the same and quite frankly, there should be some recourse to identify the amount of active a ingredients within that product.. I have added a thorough explanation from Xtreme lashes which is is informative.

4. During your initial visit for lash application, a knowledgeable lash artist will be able to recommend the best lash diameter in thickness for you. If it’s too heavy or too long it can break your natural lash or cause premature lash loss as well as lashes turning sideways. The other unfortunate lash disasters I’ve seen are clumping of lashes or adhesive that are not allowing proper lash growth or causing  unnecessary lash loss. By the time the client  realizes that the lash application was not the most professional, they need to wait for the lashes to fall off naturally before having them reapplied.

Xtreme Lashes (the brand of lashes we use at Skin Frenzy) has some very detailed information about the types of lash options available to you along with some misconceptions about eyelash extensions. Please follow the links below to read more:

As you can see, there is a difference in lash applications. Natural, flirty lashes are only a call away!

The above pictures will give you an idea of what an improper application looks like) Fortunately, I was able to clean the lashes on first client  and do a semi fill to get her on the right path. This client expressed she didn’t realize that her initial application (done elsewhere) was breaking her own natural lashes and creating a clumping effect. The second isolated picture is of a different client who was also experiencing itching and painful tugging of her lashes. If you notice where the tweezer is pointing, these lashes were also applied incorrectly giving a false sense of fullness. Due to the clumping of adhesive and not isolating the lashes properly, the natural growth of each lash is subjected to painful pulling  and breakage causing discomfort and  bald spots. I don’t believe either adhesives used on these clients were  Industry standard or meant for lash extensions in the first place. Who knows…  The point is that not all lash extensions products and application are the same.  Be selective and educate yourself before taking any shortcuts on who applies your lash extensions. Hope this helps!